Franz Blumtritt & Söhne Hutschmuckmanufaktur

Owner: Regina Erb

Gamsbaerte – Hat Feathers – Plume Feathers – Featherpins

When you choose a beautiful Bavarian “Gamsbart”, or a colourful feather combination, your hat is transformed into a special and quite unrivalled accessory that anyone would be proud to wear.

Since 1923, our company has produced an exquisite selection of these traditional ornaments. You can select from a wide range, which is readily available, or go that one step further for a completely unique look and have one tailor-made to your personal taste.

Please browse through our website. If you can’t find precisely what you are looking for, we will happily advise you by phone or email.

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Franz Blumtritt & Söhne
Owner: Regina Erb
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