Franz Blumtritt & Söhne Hutschmuckmanufaktur

Owner: Regina Erb

Bavarian Gamsbart (Hat Beard)

Best-sellers in Germany and Austria, our hat beards are available in a wide range of choices to suit your particular taste. Only natural bristles, which have been correctly treated and sterilised, are used in our hat beards. All bristles come from domestic animals and are trimmed like chamois or badger. You can choose several sizes in a range of thickness up to 20cm. There are models for children’s hats, sport or hunting hats and for ladies’ hats. Each hat beard is fixed in a metal holder, so you can securely place it on your chosen hat and quite easily swap it over if you change styles!

We do not use any bristles from animals which are protected by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).


Franz Blumtritt & Söhne
Owner: Regina Erb
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